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MServ Client for iPhone

Following closely from my first OSX application (MServClientOSX), I have finished up version one of porting it over to the iPhone. The guts of the code compiled over without any issue, so all I had to do was implement the different UI.

This doesn't contain the browsing or queuing support that MServClientOSX does - but it allows viewing the currently playing song, skipping to the next song and adjusting the volume.

MServ Client for iPhone is a client for the MServ music jukebox server for common area music playing. You can download it from the AppStore by clicking here.

Config MServ

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iPhone KoolAid

On Monday, I succumbed to the iPhone. I certainly haven't been disappointed - it makes my old windows mobile (running wm6.1) feel like a 386 with windows 3.1.

So this post is being written on it with the wordpress app - really just because I can.

It really is the device I've been wanting for the last few years and it has completely lived up to the hype for me.

More Apple KoolAid down my hatch.

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