CopyAttachmentToClipboard for Thunderbird 0.5

  • By bed
  • Wed 02 May 2007


Note: Due to me not using Thunderbird anymore - this extension is nolonger being maintained. If someone would like to take it over, by all means do so.

This extension for windows Thunderbird 2 adds a 'Copy attachment to clipboard' menu option when you right click on one or more attachments. This allows you to then paste the file(s) into an explorer window, or any other application that supports pasting files.
Download - xpi File - 93Kb


v0.5 2008-27-02  
- Attempt to fix a reported issue with messages not opening in a new  
window. Changed a variable name that may have been conflicting.

v0.4 2008-22-01  
- When no attachments are selected all attachments are copied  
- The Menu item's caption reflects how many attachments will be copied  
and if you have selected them or not

v0.3 2007-05-02  
- fixed 'redeclaration of constant' error that was appearing in the
error console

v0.2 2007-05-01  
- menu option now appears for messages opened in a new window
(previously only worked in the preview pane)

v0.1 2007-04-28  
- initial release

tags: Thunderbird