Bed's Printer Switcher

  • By bed
  • Wed 21 March 2007


Bed's Printer Switcher is a small utility for Windows XP and Vista that enables automatic switching of the Windows Default Printer depending on what network you are connected to. It installs into the system tray and can be configured to exit after switching a printer - I generally have it start it up with windows, 60 seconds later it will change my printer to the appropriate one depending if I'm at home or work and then go away.

Note: This software is no longer being maintained by me, due to moving to Apple's OSX from windows.


HISTORY 2007-03-21  
- Fixed issue with constantly setting the same printer 2007-03-19  
- Proper printer switching for Win2K/XP/Vista. Now won't get errors in
Word etc, after automatic switching 2006-11-21  
- initial release