SBSettings: Why I Still Jailbreak With 3.0

Back in the Dark Ages (iPhone 2.0 firmware) jailbreaking your iPhone had many points of merit. It could give you MMS, Copy & Paste, tethering, video recording, info on your lock screen and more. However, for me the reasons I jailbroke were for MMS, Copy & Paste, and internet tethering.

So when the much awaited 3.0 release was finally here, I thought to myself “Great, no need to jailbreak anymore.” I installed my developer’s copy of the beta firmware and there was much rejoicing with smooth, Apple home-cooked MMS, copy & paste, and internet tethering.

But then, as I watched episodes of Arrested Development via XBMC using my iPhone as the remote, or lay in bed on my side trying to read news feeds without the screen rotating when I didn’t want it to, I really really missed SBSettings. So it came to be that the day the jailbreak devteam released their official PwnageTool for 3.0 I immediate jailbroke my 3.0 iPhone. Just for one application: SBSettings. It really does bring that much convenience to the table.

Read why I still Jailbreak with 3.0 for SBSettings over at The Apple Blog

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