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Wed 19 March 2014

Android Dev First Impression - WTFOMGBBQ

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So I'm setting up the android SDK to play with, installing the Google "Android Developer Kit" which contains a modfiied Eclipse preconfigured with the android SDK. OK sounds good.

Except on creating a new empty blank project it throws errors and I can't build shit. So I google ...


Tue 03 March 2009

Fugliest iPhone App EVER

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I didn't think it was possible for any iPhone application to be as ugly as a windows mobile application. I was wrong.


Its so bad it makes my eyes bleed. How did this get past the Apple approvers? My mind boggles.


Tue 20 January 2009

Windows 7 vs OSX Leopard

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For nearly the last year I've been using my Mac Book Pro with OSX Leopard as my primary operating system, which replaced years and years of Windows XP. I still had to run XP for work development, which I did in a virtual machine. A few months ago I ...